Page 52 - WTP Vol. VII #1
P. 52

Years ago when I worked for the local paper
the town’s most eligible bachelor –
a smiling sidewalk fixture before his formalwear store –
was found face down in a swimming pool.
They said cause of death was cardiac arrest.
The coroner winked at me, said every cause of death
is cardiac arrest, technically. So when your heart stopped beating Thursday morning and you fell instead of walking down the hall and your skin started
to turn blue and your son, aged four, asked
if you were becoming a zombie and you
saw neither white light nor the departed but the respirator
clinging to your face and the ceiling of the ambulance
as your sternum ached from the CPR
and your body twisted from Narcan and you texted us I died
and you later told the recovery coach you didn’t
need to get clean, she said, you aren’t supposed to be here.
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