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 For Vienna-based artist Svenja Deininger painting is a continuous process of coating
and uncovering, adding primer, color, and varnish, and then stripping back to raw canvas and opaque areas. She begins with layers of base coats and one abstract form—sometimes a shadow, other times a memory—then proceeds almost magically, often without visu-
al brushstrokes or gestural styles. The resulting intimate abstractions have consistently shown the intensity that a painting can have within a larger space, the painting’s edges providing the only index for how it was made and its atmo- sphere created. As if they materialized fully formed, her paintings masterfully deny all evidence of their making.
 All images courtesy of the artist and Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York and Aspen. © Svenja Deininger. Photos by Markus Woergoetter.
oil on canvas
19 1/4'' x 18 1/2''
Svenja Deininger

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