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 In the studio, Kortenhaus employs copper, veneer, 8-ply mat board, wood, or Plexiglass plates, cut to size. She routinely integrates printmaking techniques with hand-applied materials and drawing. After formalizing her concept based on photographs she’s taken to help record her memory of a place or a detail, she arranges found materials on the plate. These might be a portion of a cover of The New York Times Magazine, a torn bit of handmade paper, dried seaweed, or various fibers, such as thread, yarn, tulle, cheesecloth, or re-purposed tarlatan that was used for wiping ink from etchings. Ultimately, her final work is the result of a series of printmaking runs, combined with chine colle, stencils, collage and hand- applied graphite, colored pencil, or pastel.
collagraph 19'' x 9.75''

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