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 BLUE – A Portrait of the American Worker
From May 2012–May 2016, Corey travelled across the United States multiple times, exposing thousands of frames over the three-year period. Over three hundred companies were contacted all over America. The subjects were all photographed in their work environment. utilizing a large high-definition camera. The environmental portraits were carefully edited to a completed series of pictures.
“BLUE’s goal was to facilitate a better understanding and appreciation of American workers and the extremely important role they play in our society. The goal was also to show their pride in their work, the workers’ desire and commitment to contribute, not only to their employer, but also to society. That role being social, historical, and economic in nature. As Voltaire stated: ‘Work spares us from three evils: boredom, vice, and poverty.’ BLUE has no political agenda. Rather, the subjects are presented in a visually interesting, engaging, and honest light from which the viewers can formulate their own opinions on work, employers, and the working class. My subjects engage the lens/viewer with a neutral demeanor. There is no image manipulation and the lighting is natural. Most portraits will include only one subject and there is no interaction with others in the picture. This allows the viewer to focus upon one individual creating a more intimate connection between subject and viewer.”
All BLUE images are archival inkjet prints on Photo Baryta paper, 24'' x 36'', or 36'' x 44''.
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