Page 57 - WTP Vol. XI #3
P. 57

 “My work explores how beauty and complexity emerge from
the repetition of simple shapes, for many of my sculptures are created
by combining thousands of individual pieces to create complex organic forms. Some of the unconventional materials I use are: cardboard, egg cartons, dryer sheets, yarn, and other textiles, cardboard tubes, gravel, Styrofoam, Polyfil, sand, salt, various spices, quinoa, and oatmeal.”
Stomata #1
cardboard tubes, paint, dye, oatmeal, plaster, egg cartons, plaster paper, Polyfil, cottons swabs 24'' x 24'' x 12''
 Green Internode #1
fire-sculpted cardboard, paint, dye, salt, fabric, sand, cotton swabs
36'' x 18''

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