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Living in Paris, Tyssandier has been working on canvas for five years now. Passionate about drawing and architecture from an early age, he originally approached art from a fashion perspective, as a stylist and model maker. Later, he switched to painting and electronic mu- sic, and these two art forms now
interact and influence each other. Between dystopia and futuristic dreams, his paintings are rooted in an interzone, a virtual and fro- zen nature where the masses, half-organic, half-robotic, operate much as vertiginous data flows in sequential voids. His work is based on the principle of Pareidolia, the propensity of the human brain to see elements of its own imaginary in indeterminate forms (for exam- ple, seeing animals in the clouds) and may draw from a Carrowlian and surrealist oneirism.
oil on canvas 8'' x 6''
antoine De tyssanDieR

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