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“I hope you might find the improvements there, Ma- rie,” Davey Scanlon said, craning forward in his seat as she examined the binder that he’d given her in June. “46% improvement in mortgage approvals for the last quarter alone now.”
“That’s something to be proud of, Davey, sure it is,” she said and nodded her approval to him, saw him lean back in his chair, proud as a schoolboy.
It was only as she walked back to her car, parked on the edge of town, where the traffic was freer, that she passed the little shop. The woman was still
there, young and thin behind her counter and the shadow of her old excitement flitted over Marie as she browsed the racks with their fine confections of peach and cream.
“That one comes up a little large, now,” the girl be- hind the counter said, “and you look like you’ve got even thinner, Madam, since the last time you were in,” she said. God love her.
When Marie left, it was with a full bag that swung heavier still in her hand with the good bottle of red that she added to it at the off-license.
Brian got luckier than he could have imagined that
mixed media on panel 30'' x 60'' By Wen Yu

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