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 “Art comes from the obsession with the desire to see—
as in the word revelation, whose etymology comes from Latin root, Revelatio, which is the sum of three elements; (re) backward, (velum) veil, and (cion) which indicates action and effect. Reminiscing and evoking what has been seen and not seen, form the generating content of my work. My paintings are objects of observation formed through journeys of reflection, on how a perception of a time and place is experienced. I select remote and secluded sites to step away from my ordinary surroundings. In search of a complete per- ceptual experience of the locations, I record my passages in photos which I later review and investigate while painting. Changes in the points of view, durations of our human transit through the material universe, all come together telling truth and lies in the layers of these atmospheric works.”
Antiphony a
oil on canvas 47'' x 71''
Madara Tropa

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