Page 14 - WTP Vol. VIII #3
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 “These sculptures investigate how we demarcate, claim, and control.
I made them while in residency in Siena, Italy. That city-state knew something about dominion. My materials are arranged the way planners create zoning. These uses go here, others there, some mixed. The widgets get arranged as place-markers. They get grouped and typed. In one, the people on the other side of the hill covet what you have and may come over the crest for it. Yet the whole is masked inside what looks like a harmless reference book left open on a table. The objects meld into some unity or representation, a tableaux or totem or set of tablets or table as if tamed or domesti- cated. But, geography is never neutral.”
Inclusion I
steel and wood
27 1/2'' x 47 1/5'' x 2 3/4''
JusTin peyser

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