Page 35 - WTP Vol. VIII #3
P. 35

  Honorable Mention 2019
for Fine Art
  “My imagery is always connected to something visual from the real world, coupled with abstraction observed from an apocalyptic
point of view referencing climate change, technology, oppression, migra- tion, and borders. The contrasts of weight and buoyancy/solidity and transparency, are the properties I have used to define this recent work.
At the same time there is exploration, a sense of movement and life, of natural light, contour, and volume. The intent is to pose questions while in- tentionally providing few answers in a provocative didactic manner. Meant to be evocative this work reflects the trouble we are in today, and where we may be going in the future. I attempt to convey representational forms that relate to the tangible world while creating an aesthetic experiential space in an environment that tries to live in harmony against a brutally built human-made environment.”

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