Page 60 - WTP Vol. VIII #3
P. 60

acrylic on canvas 24'' x 24''
“Drawing on historic objects, murals, tiles, textiles, wallpaper as reference,
and creating a mix of nature imagery, patterning, and ornamentation the paint- ings create narrative and tangential connections reflecting intersections, colli- sions, and migrations of various cultural visual languages from South Asian to Middle Eastern to Western. An eclectic mix of botanical plants and animals, imaginary flowers, cliched palm trees, each piece is worked in detail and deli- cacy, and I strive to make each work meaningful and beautiful. I see beauty as a form of resistance. My intention overall is to create enduring bonds by amal- gamating both Western and South Asian concepts, belief systems and visual languages. Through this synthesis I try to speak to the 'in-between space' of varied social and cultural realities I inhabit. The resulting works are a reflection of my hybridity as a Sri Lankan-born Canadian in articulating issues as I see it from this unique perspective.”
FranCes Ferdinands

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