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Krira International

        ABOUT US

        Krira International has its origins in  90’s, when its founder, fresh out of college, started  leather goods
        manufacturing unit in North India.
        Today we are a 30+ year old organization in Leather Industry (both in India and the US). We have combined
        our knowledge and expertise to bring you best quality Leather products  at the most reasonable price.

        In India
          We are located in the heart of Leather Tanning and Leather goods manufacturing hub in India. We employ
          the most seasoned artisans and craftsmen who do compromise on quality. History of our association with
          Tanneries and other suppliers are decades old. We know and trust them to provide us with the best quality
          and prices.

        In North America

          We are based in Orange County, CA for over 14 years now. We have serve many of our loyal customers and
          seek to serve more and more new customers.


                                                  DOG COLLARS
                                                  DOG COLLARS

                                                                                      CONTACT US




                                                                   1920 W. Commonwealth, # 2492
                                                                                  Fullerton, CA 92837
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