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elcome to Barbini Through various
subsidiaries of of our company we
provide a a a a a a a wide range of of of services Our construction company offers a a a a a a a a client-based residential design and home renovation service a a a a a a one-stop turnkey operation We also develop and construct new custom-built luxury homes homes in desirable areas convenient to to to downtown These homes homes are are sold on on on the open market In addition we
offer a a a a a complete design build service service to to clients wanting to to realize their dream home The services provided range from nding a a a a a a a suitable property to providing architectural services dealing with permits construction supervision and interior design services including the the the the decorating of of of the the the the homes Another arm of of of the the the the company offers fully furnished downtown condominium suites for short-term or or long-term rental From 1975 to 1990 we
provided services in in in in in renovation and and general contracting with an an an in-house millwork and and cabinet making facilities Completed projects from small renovations to substantial full scope buildings working with with interior designers architects and directly with with owners From 1990-1994 I worked exclusively in in conjunction with an interior designer We We provided a a a design/build service We We worked on on on on numerous renovations interior design design design projects architectural design design permit and Committee of Adjustment work From 1994 to the present we
continue to to provide design/build services and consulting in in the the acquisition of of real estate To this end I engage the the services of of and and work with architects our own interior design department landscape architects and and architectural drafts people All the construction construction is done through our in-house construction construction company We also acquire real estate refurbish and furnish it it for for the upscale rental market offering turnkey suites for for corporate clients and Toronto’s lm industry During this period I founded with a a a a a a a a partner a a a a a a a a company by the name of Essential Elements providing commercial and and residential fabric distribution custom furnishings and and and upholstery services to to the architectural and and design community Since 2002 we
have been focusing on in in in in in ll development projects and building custom homes homes for clients One of our current initiatives is building energy-ef cient homes homes 4 THE BARBINI | COLLECTION

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