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Arete Financial SoLutions
Arizona Redwood Partners, LLC Axiom Advice & Counsel, LLC
Bad Drug Law Firm, PLLC
Bar Pilot, LLC
Bay Point Legal Partners, PLLC
Big Auto-Accident Attorneys, PLLC BOSS Advisors
Bridgemont Group, ABS
Cactus Blossom Legal, LLC
Copper Wren Law, LLC
eLegacy Law, LLC
ElevateNext US, LLC
Elias Mendoza Hill Law Group, LLC
Eos Law, LLC
Esquire Law, LLC
Fidelity Legal, LLC
G Law Services, LLC
Globiliti Legal, LLC
Hive Legal, LLC
Law on Call, LLC
LegaFi Lawe, LLC
Legal Help Partners, PLLC
LS5 Legal, LLC
LZ Legal Services, LLC
Magic Law Group, Inc.
Motion Law, LLC
National Mass Tort & Class Action Law Firm, PLLC
Novus Lex, LLC
PatentVest, Inc.
Radix Professional Services, LLC Saddle Rock Legal Group, LLC Scout Law Group, LLC
Singular Law Group, PLLC Sunridge Law Group, LLC
The Meadow Law Firm, LLC Trajan Estate, LLC
Vantage Law Firm, LLC
Wilkie Puchi, LLP, Inc.
Law Practice Management
An Alternative Business Structure must employ a “Compliance Lawyer” who is an active member of the State Bar of Arizona to practice law and supervise the Alternative Business Structure. The Arizona Supreme Court appointed a Committee on Alternative Business Structures to review applications for licensure under Arizona Supreme Court Rule 33.1 and Arizona Code of Judicial Administration § 7-209. In 2021 the Arizona Supreme Court certified 15 applicants and approved two for certification. In 2022, the Supreme Court certified an additional 38 Alternative Business Structures. As of February 1, 2023, the Arizona Supreme Court has licensed the following 40 Alternative Business Structures:
Some of these companies are up and running and some do not yet appear to have an online presence. The question remains whether these Alternative Business Structures are fulfilling the goals identified by the Task Force on the Delivery of Legal Services. The websites of these Alternative Business Structure license holders describe the following areas of practice:
• Tax, accounting, estate planning and associated legal services
• Support for tech companies
• Personal injury, products, class action, mass tort
• Family law/bankruptcy/criminal law
• Immigration
• Legal service to law firms including business and human resources support
• Renewable energy and commercial real estate
• Partnerships with national or global legal service providers
Some of the Alternative Business Structures advertise as Arizona law firms. Others advertise as based in Arizona or do not identify a geographic limitation on their home page website. Non-lawyer investors from states other than Arizona are investing in Arizona Alternative Business Structures. The Scout Law Group made headlines in September 2022 with reports of funding from Miami-based private investment firm, 777 Partners. Some Alternative Business Structures are advertising as pioneers in changing the way legal

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