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Trial Tactics
Covid Litigation: It’s a New Dawn. It’s a New Day. It’s a New Life... and I’m Feeling Good!
Along with its general impact on everyday life, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a wave of new challenges and concerns for litigators. In addition to being suddenly forced to adapt to the remote practice of law and its accompanying technical difficulties, litigators have had to juggle their ethical obligations to their clients with the new cybersecurity and practical issues presented by virtual work. Lawyers are faced with finding a way to embrace the positive aspects of remote work while also recognizing its detriments. Lawyers must also keep abreast of changes to the law resulting from the pandemic, including interpretation of once-standard contractual provisions.
To top it off, some courts are embracing their new remote capabilities, and law firms are seeing an increased demand for remote work among employees, which can be expected to continue into the future. It is anticipated that the remote practice of litigation is here to stay. As such, the following articles address these issues and provide timely considerations for litigators as we embark on the post-COVID era.1
1 Footnotes appear at the end of this section of articles.

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