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Trial Tactics
 might be impermissible in the normal setting.”41 There is also inherent difficulty in witnesses being able to review documents and actually mark on exhibits during questioning. Although a cost-efficient system has its benefits, it is not always the most effective for legal representation.
Clients’ business obligations and their ability to enforce legal actions have also been impacted.42 Arguably, one of the greatest of such impacts was the toll of the statute of limitations by administrative orders. For example, in Kansas, the Supreme Court “issued several administrative orders suspending ‘all statutes of limitations’ from March 19, 2020 through April 15, 2021.”43 This allowed plaintiffs additional time to comply with time limitations.44
Though the pandemic has caused myriad problems, its impact on the legal industry is ever-changing. It has created new opportunities and avenues to pursue justice, some for better and some for worse. We will continue to see a shift in the legal industry as it adapts to these challenges.
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