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 January 2021
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year with voter turnout alone. There are certain rumors around being a voter from a small town—that small town votes don’t matter. Well, the people from our little towns sure did prove that theory wrong. All over the world, people went out to contribute to history in the making, and the people of the small towns of New Hampshire made sure America heard their voice.
*At the time this article was written Bridgewater percentages numbers were not available
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November 3rd. According to the Washington Post, more Ameri- cans voted in the 2020 election than in any other in 120 years. With about 66% of the eligible population coming out to vote, it’s the highest turnout since 1900.
For the state of New Hamp- shire, we had a record turnout with 814,092 ballots cast, bring- ing the state to 75.5%. The little towns that make up our great Granite State are the ones who helped to get that number so high, especially with our own
surrounding towns.
In Hebron, the Town Clerk’s
office reported a 91% turnout, and election day went well overall with the people coming out to the polls. Bristol reported 81%, which wasn’t a far cry from their turnout in 2016 with an 82% turnout. The Town Clerk’s office also described a smooth day as people complied with the safety regulations. Al- exandria had a turnout of 83%, bringing them nearly neck and neck with Bristol.
With election buzz slowly winding down, it’s safe to say that America made history this
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