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We have a whole lot hap- pening in the next few weeks as we prepare for all the Holiday events we have planned, as right outside our front door, right now, a Haunted space is being spell- cast upon us. This year we will be hosting our Haunted Yard, where all sorts of scary creatures might reside. Watch your step as you walk amidst the ghouls and goblins of our front yard,
November 2023
Justice of the Peace
To-Do List
The gown
The flowers
The music
The rings
The place
The time
The Officiant
Holiday Happenings at the TTCC
while trick or treating your way
happening on Tuesday, Novem-
ber 21st from 4 to 7pm and on
around town. The TTCC and
Friday, November 24th from 2 to
Bristol Town Square will be
aghast with ghosts and goodies
5pm in the lower level at TTCC.
This event is an opportunity for
for everyone, as we hope to see
children to do their Christmas
you all dressed up for the event.
For all our parents out there,
shopping for family and friends
all in one place, where items
who need a little break from the
range from $0.25 to $6.00.
Halloween howls and growls, we
have an awesome Parents Night
There will be many different gift
ideas to choose from for parents,
Out planned for October 28th,
siblings, grandparents, teacher’s
from 5 to 9pm. Drop the kids
(ages 4 and up) off at the TTCC
and more, as younger children
can be assigned a helper that will
where the Teen Council will put
keep them within their budget.
on an amazing evening that will
have them falling asleep on the
As we usher in the Holiday
Season, we would also like to
way home, as they’ll be tuckered
announce several new additions
out from all the fun. The night
includes a special dinner, games,
to the TTCC Staff and Board of
Directors. We would like to of-
bingo, and more and is just $25
ficially welcome Mikayla Royea
per child, with our next few Par-
ents Nights Out occurring on
as our new Program & Office
Assistant! Mikayla has been with
12/16/23, 1/27/24 & 2/17/24.
the TTCC for 8 years working in
Hope to see you out!
On November 1st, we will be
our afterschool & summer camp
programs. This fall we recruited
gearing up for Santa’s Village
her to help with additional jobs
with our annual Elf Interviews.
Santa is training Elves from the
at the TTCC including various
office duties, marketing, billing,
4th and 5th grades to help him
administrative support & more.
with the 2023 Santa’s Village at
Mikayla Royea our new Program & Office Assistant.
the TTCC. Anyone interested in
Mikayla is currently tak-
ing classes at SNHU towards a
being an Elf must come to the
been a better time to lend a
forward your interest to info@ Bachelor of Arts Degree in Gen-
TTCC for a brief interview on or by calling (603) hand, as we grow to meet the
11/1, with 4th graders inter-
744-2713. Thank you and have needs of our community. If you
eral Studies with a Concentra-
would like to join our Board or
tion in Leadership. She will be
viewed from 5:30 – 6:15pm and
a safe and spooktacular Holiday using her impressive technology
5th graders interviewed from
become a volunteer, we would
6:15 to 7pm. Our 69th Annual
like to hear from you, - please
skills to keep the TTCC web-
site updated and says that she
Santa’s Village and Craft Fair
is ecstatic to be taking on more
will occur on December 8th,
from 6 to 8pm, December 9th,
responsibilities. We are very ex-
Interior Renovations • Drywall • Painting cited to have her join our team.
from 2-5pm and on December
10th, from 2-5pm. Cost is a
We have also added two new
canned food donation.
Board Members recently and
would like to welcome Scott
Our 2023 One-Stop Christ-
mas Shop for students in Kinder-
Doucette and MaKayla Smith
garten through Eighth Grade is
to the TTCC. There has never
JP services may include consultation for wedding planning, sample ceremonies with options for poems, prayers, unity candle, and exchange of rings or gifts.
Offering packages at:
Coppertoppe Inn & Retreat Center
( and nearby lakeside locations. Packages may include ceremony, photographer, DJ, and reception. Off-site weddings are priced by time and distance.
Contact Sheila at: 603-744-3636 or
Women’s Clothing Jewelry Accessories
2 Central Street, Bristol, NH 03222 (603) 744-6172
OPEN: 10AM TO 6PM TUESDAY - SUNDAY; CLOSED MONDAYS Comfortable • Sustainable • Affordable • Fabulous
Call Stretch 603-793-5991
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