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Newfound Community Library Happenings
By Brittany amalfi
We are officially in that dark and dreary time of year where everyone is ready for bed at 4 PM. The winters can be long and dark, and it usually feels like there’s not too much to do due to the cold weather. However, that’s not the case in the little commu- nity of Newfound! Lucky for the Newfound area, there are quite a few local libraries that provide everyone with something to look forward to with their programs and activities. No one should sleep on libraries because they certainly know how to bring on some warm fun while the weather outside is cold!
HEBRON LIBRARY (8 Church Lane, Hebron NH 03241) - The Hebron Library is a wonderful place to be in the com- munity. On the third Wednesday of every month, they hold a book club at 1:00 PM where they meet and discuss an exciting new read addition, craft Saturdays are held are led by different people from Hebron where they teach each other how to do various crafts, so if anyone’s in the market to cre- ate something fun, the Hebron Library is where to go. In Jan- uary, they will be making boxes
out of recycled materials, and in February, they will be making cut paper origami. It’s called “Craft and Chat,” which is definitely not something to miss. “We’re a small library, but we’re mighty,” says Josianne Fitzgerald, librar- ian at the Hebron Library. “I’m very impressed with this library because the people who come here are readers.” People can tend to use libraries just for the InternetInternet, but that doesn’t sound like the case at the Hebron Library. “People come here who want to read. They browse and check out books, and they want to talk about them,” Fitzgerald tells me. The Friends of the Hebron Library just purchased some new shelves for the children’s section as well as new books. “Friends of the Hebron Library has been ex- tremely supportive of us. We’re very lucky for them because
they’ve done so much from buy- ing the bookshelves, books, re- freshments for all our events and much more,” Fitzgerald says. Be sure to check out their website at or go to their Facebook page, “Hebron Library,” for more information on upcoming programs and events!
(1 Russell St, Plymouth NH, 03264)- Pease Public Library is definitely a good spot this winter. Library Director, Diane Lynch, tells me there is a lot to look for- ward to! Story Time will begin on January 12th, 2022, and run every Wednesday at 10:15. Ni- cole, the youth services librarian, will make it an all-ages storytime as well! As the year moves for- ward, Lynch tells me that Nicole is putting together more chil- dren’s programming, so be on the lookout for some fun activi- ties for the kids! Other than chil- dren’s programs, the Pease Public Library has many adult pro- grams as well. With events like Abolitionists of Noyes Academy presented by Dan Billin on 1/12 via Zoom to Jennie Powers, The Woman Who Dares presented by Jennifer Carrol on 2/16 via
Zoom, there are a lot of unique events to look forward to. The Pease Public Library has teamed up with Plymouth Historical So- ciety for their events, and Lynch tells me that “New Hampshire Humanities has been so generous with their funding to the librar- ies.” Just like New Hampshire Humanities, The Young Lady’s Library Association has also “donated a lot of materials to the library,” Diane tells me. The library has also been fortunate
enough to receive some grants. Diane says, “The Pease Public Library is thrilled to announce that they have been awarded a NH Humanities SHARP Grant of $8,720. The purpose of these funds was to demonstrate how we would prevent, prepare and/ or recover from the COVID -19 pandemic. And, as a result of this award, The Pease Public Library has purchased three staff laptops with which we can work remotely
and make our library services more portable. Additionally, we have leased three Verizon wire- less hotspots with service plans and three Chromebooks, which will soon be lendable to our pa- trons. This will increase Internet access for those in the area who struggle to find it. It will also help prevent service interruptions for those who rely on outside sources for the InternetInternet should there be another emergency situ- ation requiring business closures. We are so grateful for the support of NH Humanities in our com- munity!” Be sure to check out for more information on upcoming events and programs! And it’s never a bad idea to sign up for their newsletter!
MINOT SLEEPER LI- BRARY (35 Pleasant Street, Bristol, NH 03222)- The Minot Sleeper Library’s mission is to “provide resources which ful- fill educational, informational, and cultural needs of the New- found Area community, in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful.” This coincides nicely with their vision state- ment, which is “enriching lives through community engage- ment.” Libraries are a place to be inspired while meeting people in the community that can en- gage over similar interests. The Minot Sleeper Library has been around since 1885, and they have been a staple in the community since. Every year, they have their Giving Tree up, where people can come in and find book titles listed on the tree and consider paying for one or more titles. If a title is paid for, the staff will order those specific books to put on the shelves for the community. They have a lot of fun events to look forward to this winter as well! From their Knot, Only Knitters
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