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Why use an Insurance Agency?
Why Use Newfound Insurance Agency?
 By Jim King newfounD insurance
Why use an Insurance Agency? It a common question when it comes to buying insurance. It’s one that people ask all the time.
There are actually two ques- tions that should be asked. Why use an insurance agency and why use Newfound Insurance Agency?
The answer to the first ques- tion is that an insurance agent can provide guidance on appro- priate insurance coverages spe- cific to your unique situation. Beyond that an Insurance Agent can obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies so that you make sure you have the best com-
bination of coverages at the best possible price.
As to the second question, why use Newfound insurance Agency, there are lots of reasons. Like most other insurance agents, we represent a number of insurance companies, ones that provide in- surance for your home and auto and ones that provide insurance for businesses. As an agent we ob- tain competitive quotes to make sure our clients have the best combination of coverages that are uniquely suited for their cir- cumstances, at the best price. Be- yond that our family has been in the Newfound area for close to 70 years. We know the area well and understand the things that make Bristol and the surrounding com- munities special.
But the thing that we do that is unique, is the level of support we provide to our clients. it is the hallmark of our business.
As an example:
We send out a reminder notice 60 days before a policy renews and then again 30 days prior to the re- newal date. It’s a helpful reminder that allows people to begin to set aside money for the upcoming policy renewal or to think about arranging a finance plan.
We also check in with our clients at the mid-point of their policy to make sure nothing has changed from the time a policy was originally purchased. Perhaps they added a deck to their house of just completed a renovation to the kitchen. Either would be rea- son for a review of their coverages of the existing policy. It’s also an opportunity to plan for upcoming events before the next renewal date, like adding a new driver.
A new service we have been able to add because of the sophis- tication of our software is an anal- ysis of the amount of an increase in the cost of the premium when a policy is about to renew. In this
case, it is an internal notice that is sent to one of our Customer Ser- vice specialists advising them that a policy is about to renew and the increase in premium exceeds a predetermined level. That alerts the Customer Service specialist to immediately begin to obtain competitive quotes. It is a pro- active step we take to insure the right coverages at the best price.
If your Insurance Company or your agent isn’t providing you with timely reminders about up- coming policy renewal dates or
checking for excessive increases in your premium before your policy renews, you should speak with us. Those are the things we do for our clients that make us unique.
Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns about your insurance coverages. We are happy to help. We are here to an- swer any questions. You can reach us at 603-744-5000 or email us at
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