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colorful “pictures” shows Ville- neuve and his pals having cof- fee at Danbury Country Store. It was derived from a video actually recorded at the store one day as they sang a song he wrote, praising their favor- ite local business. Besides the caricatures of the local men he was with, musical notes and the opening lines of the song are all part of the fun-filled painting.
“You’ll Never See This in Florida” is his fifth painting, depicting snowmobiles filling up their tanks at the Danbury store, while “Moonlight Ride” (painting Number 3 in his grow- ing collection) is a look at the world as seen from his window.
“I live on the Rail Trail in Danbury and wanted to paint a picture of the snowmobiles I see going by at night,” explained Villeneuve.
His “naïve” artistic chal- lenge for that was to find a way to feature the night sky, snow, the surrounding forest, and the headlights of the machines as they raced by. Villeneuve is proud he could make that vision a reality.
Just last week, he completed another piece that focuses on the Danbury Town Transfer Station, and many may rec- ognize people in that colorful painting!
However, paintings 7A and 7B – “War” and “Peace” – are most meaningful to him.
If people look closely, the same character is in each of the paintings. “War” shows a soldier fighting during World War I in 1914. The sky is dark, smoke is rising, and other sol- diers are battling behind him and his horse as black ravens hover above.
“Peace” shows the same sol-
dier back home after the war; his trusted steed, with no cum- bersome saddle on his back, now stands beside him. The sky is filled with sunlight as blue- birds fly above both him and the farm he returned to after the war.
“All money raised through sales of the original painting and prints of those will be going to help veterans with TBI (trau- matic brain injury) and PTSD,” said Villeneuve.
A portion of all other sales in his collection will also be forwarded to assist veterans on their road to recovery.
Villeneuve said his goal is to finish 100 pieces in the coming year. To date, excluding some personal works he has com- pleted for his daughters, he just finished his 25th piece. It was a commissioned painting requested by a local farm and maple producer. The farm and its family's past, present, and future are depicted in subtle yet heartwarming ways.
As Villeneuve continues on his quest to paint another 75 views of life in the Newfound Region, he is also branching out to offer his unique talents for commissioned work.
His “pictures” will be on dis- play at Minot-Sleeper Library through the month of March, then return once again in July.
To view or purchase Ville- neuve’s art, visit his new web- site at or email him at frenchythe- for ques- tions or inquiries about a commissioned piece. Prints of many of his works are also now available at both the Danbury and Newfound Country Stores. Those who purchase an original painting will also be treated to a very special “dollar bill” as their receipt.
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