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 Watch Out for
Crossing Roadways on Rainy Nights
Spring has officially arrived in New Hampshire, and as the days get warmer and those remain- ing stubborn snow piles melt, a variety of wildlife are waking up from their winter slumber. Over the coming weeks and months, amphibians will begin to migrate to breeding sites throughout the state, with the largest volume of movement occurring on warmer, rainy evenings around dusk.
Migration to breeding sites can be a dangerous feat for amphibians. Motorists should be aware that spotted salaman- ders, American toads, spring peepers, four-toed salamanders, Eastern red-backed sala- manders, wood frogs,
and Northern
leopard frogs
frequently must
cross roads
to reach their
vernal pool
breeding destina-
tions. Whenever possible, please consider not driving on rainy nights when temperatures are greater than 40°F for the next few weeks. If you must drive, delay your travel time until at least two hours after sunset or adjust your route to larger streets and avoid smaller, wooded roads with higher concentrations of wetlands and vernal pools.
Residents are encouraged to get involved by reporting areas where high amphibian activity or mortalities are observed as well as any encounters you may
have with state-listed or rare am- phibian species, such as marbled salamanders, Fowler’s toads, and Northern leopard frogs. Become part of the Reptile and Amphib- ian Reporting Program (RAARP) and report your findings online through New Hampshire Wild- life Sightings at https://nhwild-
Other citizen-science oppor- tunities include participating in a frog call survey (https://www. html) or mapping and survey- ing vernal pools on our property (
Newfound Regional High School was Recently Recognized with the SONH Unified Champions School Granite State Banner
g a m e /
If you assist am-
Peter Cofran, former NRHS Director of Athletics and present SONH Director of Schools Uni- fied Activities, made the presen- tation at the Newfound Winter sports awards program.
This is the first year of the SONH Granite State Award, and Newfound was one of the first six high schools in New Hampshire to be recognized with this prestigious recognition. Plymouth Regional High School was recognized last month also as one of the first six high schools in NH.
Newfound Regional High School is recognized for their commitment to creating a more inclusive school community through participation in the Spe- cial Olympics New Hampshire
Unified Champion Schools pro- grams. Their athletic teams and non-sports inclusive opportuni- ties are prime examples of stu- dents working together to gain self-esteem and respect as they develop life-long skills.
The Lakes Region Unified Prom in 2019 is still talked about throughout the state and being copied. The unified PE classes and opportunities for students to go out into the community to learn life-long skills are wonder- ful. The Newfound participation in the Special Olympics Annual Cool Schools Dip was outstand- ing, and the Bears raised the third-highest amount of money of any high school participating in the Dip.
Special Olympics New
Hampshire has seen the incred- ible impact since the beginning of the Newfound unified pro- grams in 2016, and each year the offerings have increased. Awareness has spread from the school to the very proud Alex- andria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Danbury, Groton, Hebron, Hill, and New Hampton communi- ties. The many diverse oppor- tunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities to work together, allow greater positive impact and inclusion for all involved, improve the school culture, and have fun. This puts Newfound as one of the first six schools in NH history to receive the SONH Granite State Ban- ner.
 phibians across roads, or handle them for another reason, be sure that your hands are free of lo- tions and other chemicals such as bug repel- lent. Wood frogs often make the first calls of the spring, followed closely by spring peepers, Amer- ican toads, Fowler’s toads, pick- erel frogs, and gray tree frogs, with calling lasting into May and June. Mink frogs, green frogs, and bullfrogs are late-season callers and typically begin their refrain from June into July. Learn more about New Hampshire’s diver- sity of amphibians and reptiles at
Newfound Impressions is expanding and seeking that perfect individual who is self motavated, with a positive, helpful attitude. We are a small but growing Print, Sign and Design business in Bristol, NH.
The Outside Sales Person is someone who is can connect with the local business community in-person, by phone and email to introduce our products and services.
• Experienced with Outside Sales - Able to engage with, a wide range of unique personalities • Create long lasting relationships with our customers
• Sales goal oriented, meeting and exceeding monthly goals
• Ability to close and meet goal benchmarks
• Meet and greet customers locally, with boots on the ground • Willing to be a critical piece as we grow
Send your resume along with cover letter to:
603-217-0050 • 20 LAKE STREET, BRISTOL, NH 03222
CALL LORI at 508-934-9608
or for rates and discounts email

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