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Having the option of fully close your pool, the bigger is usable space at your patio. Pool Concept will optimize your patio having a multifunctional space. Our mobile and sumergible covers are built to bear up to 50 Pounds/square foot. When close, pool cover becomes the regular floor. Nobody will realize of pool existence. Pool Concept is not only for outdoor pools, a stunning design can be done also indoor to surprise guests.
Our movable bottom pools are a perfect solution for business owners who want optimize their outdoor space, using pool at determined hours for aquatic acti- vities, closing it to serve a dinner on top or even using pool space for celebrati- ons on it. Additionally, system allows business owner to close the pool at night avoiding any surveillance security process.
Suitable for those who need rehabilitation and have difficulties when accessing to a pool. Our systems allow health professionals to help their patients with a wide spectrum of treatment possibilities and options in safe a risk-free exercise environment.
Great solution for developers who want optimize space of lots, having the pos- sibility to offer to their clients having a pool at any size backyard. Pool Concept can add value and differentiating to any project with this state of the art pool.
Architects looking for creating unique designs, optimized spaces and differen- tiating, Pool Concept it will be a perfect feature to include in their projects cre- ating spaces and pools never seen before satisfying the most exquisite client’s needs.

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