Page 14 - pool concept
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The platform beat up to 50 pounds per square foot so you can close the pool and extend your backyard for anything you want as have plenty space for your guests in any celebration.
As the pool depth is selectable at any time just easily using your digital assistant you are able to do different activities in the same pool.
Therefore, your pool may be a beautiful fountain pool while you relax using your preferred waterproof furniture to sunbathe or just chill. Your kids can play around the pool in a safety depth enjoying the pool more than ever. Of course you can practice your favorite sports by yourself as working out in the water or playing volleyball with friends just setting the proper depth.
Pool may completely close during the night, when pool must be protected as nobody is at home, when you need to make people refrain to use pool, when the weather is not appropriate to use it avoiding water get dirty or pool overflows.

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