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                         PRESIDENT’S REPORT
the COVID pandemic
we can look ahead with
renewed optimism
Despite ongoing impacts of COVID-19 variants around the world, we are all working hard to emerge from the pandemic with an optimistic outlook.
For members of ASPIRE eager to return to the traditional companionship and collegiality of our annual congresses, the future looks far brighter than it has for the past couple of years.
ASPIRE is a relatively young, but dynamic society of scientists, doctors, nurses and counsellors dedicated to excellence in delivering best practice to help infertile people achieve their hopes of parenthood.
Adelaide, South Australia beckons us all for the 2023 ASPIRE Congress, the first face-to-face conference for our organisation since Hong Kong in 2019.
With outstanding commitment and adaptability, ASPIRE presented virtual Congresses in 2021 and again this year with both events welcoming on-line participants from around the world to discuss latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.
So, it is with building excitement that we plan for the Adelaide Congress from 7 to 10 September 2023 when we can get together again to share knowledge and ideas in our on-going commitment to develop and advance fertility services in the Asia-Pacific region.
Adelaide figures prominently among many milestones in the evolution of assisted reproduction, and over the years many international clinicians and scientists have visited the city for collaborative work. Our Congress next year will continue this focus as world leaders in assisted reproductive technology across various disciplines gather in Adelaide to address the theme Welcome Back To Our Future.
The local organising committee led by Professor Louise Hull is putting together a powerful scientific program that will also feature our traditional Pre-Congress meetings and a wonderful, welcoming social program.
I encourage members to set aside the dates to attend the Congress in Adelaide to come together for inspiring discussion that will convert to opportunities to enhance patient care in our individual clinics and workplaces.
to facilitate
the exchange
of knowledge among members with outcomes that will positively influence medically assisted reproduction globally
Professor Tin-Chiu Li
It was very pleasing to engage with speakers from 28 countries and delegates from 43 countries during the ASPIRE 2022 Virtual Congress from late April to early May.
Among the many highlights was an enlightening exploration of global data on assisted reproductive technology and a focus on creating policy changes in societies where the impacts of infertility are not fully recognised.
There were some outstanding presentations in the on-line Congress, and I especially congratulate prize winners who are profiled in this edition of our newsletter.
Continuing education and professional development
ASPIRE works to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among members with outcomes that will positively influence medically assisted reproduction globally.
Apart from our annual Congress, ASPIRE facilitates a series of regional and special interest group meetings, master classes, webinars and certificate courses.
See the education and accreditation update on Page 4.
Secretariat news
Growth in membership has necessitated an expansion of the ASPIRE Secretariat team under the excellent management lead of Hoa Jing Qi. We welcome Cassandra Mak into an executive role. The secretariat is looking to employ a further person to help meet the growing workload, particularly in the provision of educational opportunities. I thank our secretariat team for their wonderful support of our efforts to build a stronger and closer fraternity.
Professor Tin-Chiu Li ASPIRE President
      With resilience through
ASPIRE works

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