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                         PRESIDENT’S REPORT
                                                                                   certification courses
setting standards for
excellence in care
ASPIRE is committed to raising standards of infertility treatment in the Asia Pacific region via accreditation and certification.
We have successfully organised two certification courses since December 2021. The first course was based on the WHO Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen, 6th Edition. It was organised by our Embryology and Male infertility Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
Held from 4 December 2021 to 19 February 2022, the course involved 72 members of whom 57 (79 per cent) passed a final assessment leading to certificate awards.
The second course was on Basics in Early Pregnancy Management for Nurses organised by the Reproductive Nurses SIG and involving 131 nurse members from 8 February to 8 March 2022. A total of 103 nurses (78.6 per cent) passed the assessment at completion resulting in the awarding of certificates.
Professor Tin-Chiu Li
Positive feedback leads to further courses on counselling, management and IVF for reproductive nurses
To date, feedback on the certificate courses have been exceedingly positive. Consequently, we have decided to run more certificate courses for our members.
Three further courses for nurses are in the pipeline including a:
• Basic Course in Counselling (June 2022);
• Basic Course on Management (August 2022); and
• Basic Course on IVF for Reproductive Nurses (November 2022).
The accreditation committee under the leadership of our Vice-President, Dr Haroon Latif, is to be congratulated for its wonderful achievements.
Professor Tin-Chiu Li ASPIRE President
Haroon Latif
       Accreditation and

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