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                 Hand Positioning Splints
      Rolyan® ProgressiveTM Palm Protector Splints
• Progressive soft splints for neurological conditions and arthritis. Progress splint as condition improves by removing foam palm piece and replacing it with a larger series (see below).
• Variable strapping system allows strapping thumb only, fingers only, or both thumb and fingers. Splint base is large enough to accommodate all hand sizes and can be modified for a smaller hand by trimming the edges.
• Available with or without wrist support. Wrist support style has a removable Ezeform stay that can be moulded for wrist extension and D-Ring attachments for secure fit. Hand wash splint, air dry.
• To determine which series to use, extend the fingers as far as comfortably tolerated. Measure flexion angle at MCP joint of tightest finger. Choose appropriate splint for current patient needs. Splint comes with one foam palm piece. Replace only the foam palm piece when condition improves.
Foam Palm Piece Available in 3 Series
1 Tight hands with moderate to severe spasticity or contractures,
90° MCP flexion, 2.5cm foam.
2 Hands with mild to moderate spasticity or contractures
60° MCP flexion, 5.1cm foam.
3 Hands with mild spasticity or contractures, or non-spastic
hands to provide a functional position in a soft splint 30° MCP flexion, 7.6cm foam.
Splint comes with foam palm piece of size purchased: buy replacement foam to change positioning
Series 1 2.5cm Foam Left Right
Series 2 5.1cm Foam Left Right
Series 3 7.6cm Foam Left Right
          Rolyan Progressive Palm Protector Splint
081292804 081292812
081292820 081292838
081292846 081292853
             Rolyan Progressive Palm Protector Splint with Wrist Support
Standard - fits most adults
081292713 081292721
081292739 081292747
081292754 081292762
             SERIES 1
Replacement Foam Palm Piece
2.5cm Foam
(for Series 1 positioning) 081292770
5.1cm Foam
(for Series 2 positioning) 081292788
7.6cm Foam
(for Series 3 positioning) 081292796
4 Rolyan® ProgressiveTM Palm Protector Splint with Pre-Cut Splint Blank
Benefits of the Rolyan Progressive Palm Protector Splint with the advantages of a pre-cut, easy to use kit. Includes a thermoplastic stay made from Ezeform. Simply form the pre-cut to patient’s hand and wrist for a customised fit and slip into stay pocket. Remove and remould as patient’s condition improves.
Left Right
081292952 081292945 Standard - Fits Most Adults
5 Rolyan® Carve-ItTM Hand Positioning Splint
Helps anatomically position the hand with mild to moderate finger spasticity. Used with left and right hand. Easy to modify. Unlike traditional hand cones, this splint maintains the arches of the hand in an appropriate position. Flat bottom provides easy positioning in bed or on lap tray, arm tray, etc. Removable cover can be hand washed and air dried. For size, measure width of 2nd to 5th MCP. Splint materials sold separately.
081293232 Small/Medium Up to 7.6cm
081293240 Large/X-Large 7.6cm and over
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