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                 Thumb Supports
          1 3PPTM ThumSpicaTM Plus
The ideal combination of a soft wrap and a lightweight moulded splint, reduces thumb and wrist pain. Soft, wrap-on splint includes a moldable insert for added control to reduce pain from deQuervain’s tenosynovitis, arthritis, ligament injuries or following surgery. The easy-to-mold insert allows the health care provider to create a custom thumb splint with the comfort of a soft cushioned wrap. The moulded splint fits into a lined pocket for cushioning and easy application. The soft wrap is breathable and machine
or hand washable. Latex free.
Left Right MP Circumference
091322429 091322411 15.2-22.8cm 2 3PPTM ThumSlingTM
Designed for maximum conformity in the palm to prevent gaping across the palmar arch. Ideal for CMC joint arthritis. Latex free. To size, measure circumference at MP.
Left Right Size
       091157817 091157825 Small 091157833 091157841 Medium
3 3PPTM ThumSlingTM Long
15.2-18.4cm 18.4-22.8cm
MP Circumference
 This soft, foam-lined splint provides both wrist and thumb support. Reduces pain from thumb arthritis - also know as CMC or basal joint arthritis, overuse or tendinitis. Soft, foam-lined splint features a contoured strap that supports CMC (basal) joint of the thumb and wraps around the wrist for control. Wear to reduce pain from thumb arthritis, tendinitis or overuse injuries.
It conforms to the hand without being bulky so hand function is maintained. Easy to apply, this splint is soft and breathable for all day comfort. Machine or hand washable. Latex free.
Left Right MP Circumference
091322395 091322387 15.2-22.8cm
4 3PPTM ThumDuctionTM Strap
To control mild to moderate hypertonicity (spasticity) or to position the thumb for function for persons with weakness due to stroke (CVA) or paralysis. It can also be used to lessen symptoms of tendinitis. Two-part design makes it easy to position the thumb away from the palm to control tone or aligned under the thumb
to improve pinch. The soft, breathable foam-lined material resists slipping and provides gentle control. Machine washable. Latex free.
IP to Wrist Crease
091165539 Adult 7-11.5cm 5 Rolyan® Thumb Loop
For use with spasticity to decrease tone and facilitate functional use of hand. Improves position of hand for prehension, manipulation and release of objects. Loop can be wrapped
to provide radial or palmar abduction while pulling wrist into extension and radial deviation. Fabric can be trimmed as needed. To fit, measure wrist circumference at CMC joint distal to ulnar styloid.
    081295716 Premature Infant 081295708 Infant 081295690 Child 081295682 Adolescent 081295674 Adult
Up to 7.1cm 7.1-8.9cm 9-11.4cm 11.5-14cm Over 14.1cm
             UK Medical Customers Tel: 03448 730 035 UK Trade Customers Tel: 03444 124 330 International Customers Tel: +44 1623 448 706

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