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                 Back Supports
       1 Core Abdominal Binder
Help relieve a multitude of aches and strains in abdominal region and can be used as an abdominal binder or post-operative belt. The comfortable, multi-tiered elastic contours easily and helps prevent rolling. It provides needed support and stability to the trunk of active men and women. Patients recovering from surgery will appreciate how the Abdominal Binder reduces strains. Features a CorEdge® Finish for extra comfort. For a proper fit, measure around the widest part of torso. White.
9˝ Elastic 12˝ Elastic
091380336 091380351 Small/Medium 61-91cm 091380328 091380344 Large/X-Large 91-122cm
2 Rolyan® Abdominal Binder
Features pressure-sensitive closures and lightweight, breathable material for maximum comfort. For size, measure circumference as indicated.
9˝ (23cm) High 12˝ (30.5cm) High
091063072 091062991 Small/Medium 76-114cm 091063080 091063007 Large/X-Large 76-114cm
Provides stable support to the ribs and torso. Breathable elastic material and pressure-sensitive closures limit the expansion of the chest to promote healing. Women’s support contours for proper fit. One size fits most adults. Latex free.
091063320 Male Rib Belt 20cm 091063403 Female Rib Belt 20cm
4 Rolyan® Vertebrace
Made from a strong elastic woven material with reinforced panels in the lumbar region to provide extra support.
3 Rolyan® Universal Rib Support FREE FREE
  091235589 Small 091235571 Medium 091235605 Large 091235613 X-Large 091235597 XX-Large
61-79cm 80-94cm 95-111cm 112-127cm 128-139cm
              5 Heavy Duty Elasticated Back Support
An elasticated belt with a non-stretch cloth panel at the rear incorporating 4 flexible stays. Hook and Loop fastening at the front, plus extra support provided by two adjustable elasticated tensioning straps.
     091236058 Small 091236041 Medium 091236033 Large 091236066 X-Large 091236074 XX-Large
60-81cm 71-91cm 82-100cm 91-112cm 105-144cm
6 Dual Pull Elastic Criss-Cross
Support features dual elastic side pulls and a 9˝ high reinforced criss-cross back to provide maximum compression and support. Six flexible stays prevent rolling.
 091376078 Small 091376060 Medium 091376052 Large 091376086 X-Large
71.1-81.3cm 83.8-94cm 96.5-106.7cm 109.2-119.4cm
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