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                 Knee Supports
      1 Vulkan® AirXtend Knee Support
Made with AirpreneTM Perforated Neoprene and Coolmax® fabric which moves moisture away from your body keeping you cool and comfortable. The three straps allow for adjustable tension to provide a custom fit. The contour design minimizes bunching behind the knee. One size fits most adults, universal fits either knee. Available in a closed version or with an open patella for additional support around the kneecap.
091527084 Open Patella
2 The Lift Patellar Tendon Sleeve
Alleviates conditions of Tendinitis, Patello-Femoral Pain, Osgood- Schlatter’s. Disease and Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Combines
the benefits of a patellar tendon strap with the warmth and compression of a knee sleeve. Infrapatellar elastic strap allows user to control amount of compression on infrapatellar buttress. Circumference measured just above patella.
Small Medium Large X-Large
33-36cm (13-14˝) 36-41cm (14-16˝) 41-46cm (16-18˝) 46-51cm (18-20˝)
  3 Rolyan® Neoprene Economy Knee Wrap
Wrap around design for customised fit and unrestricted motion. Neoprene construction retains body heat. Pressure sensitive closures offer ease of application. One size fits most adults. 091048081 With Open Patella
091048099 With Closed Patella (Not Illustrated)
4 Open Patella Knee Support with Silicon Pad Adjustable hook and loop strap apply maximum tension. Fits left or right knee. Open patella design, fully washable. 091375062 Universal
5 Thermoskin Arthritic Knee Wrap
Unique Trioxon layered material captures, retains and applies natural body heat and gently supports for temporary relief
from arthritic pain. Suitable for use over long periods of time and during a range of activity levels. Wraps around for easy positioning and adjusting; secures with hook and loop closure. Snug, comfortable fit. Allows skin to ventilate and remain
dry. Machine or hand wash and air-dry. To size, measure leg circumference under slightly bent kneecap.
          091029768 Small 091029776 Medium 091029784 Large 091029792 X-Large
31.5-33.5cm 33.5-36.5cm 36.5-39.5cm 39.5-41cm
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