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                 TheraBandTM Resistance Exercise Band
The Original and Number One Selling Exercise Band Worldwide.
TheraBandTM Professional Resistance Bands help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living and enhance athletic performance. Colour-coded progressive resistance gives at-a-glance indication of progress from one level to the next.
               1 TheraBandTM 46m (50yds) Dispenser Pack
091026871 Tan 091026889 Yellow 091026897 Red 091026905 Green 091026913 Blue 091026921 Black 091026939 Silver 091026947 Gold
Resistance Level
Extra Light Light
Medium Heavy
Extra Heavy Special Heavy Super Heavy Max. Heavy
          2 TheraBandTM 5.5m (6yds) Dispenser Pack
091026954 Tan 091026962 Yellow 091026970 Red 091026988 Green 091026996 Blue 091027002 Black 091027010 Silver 091027028 Gold
Resistance Level
Extra Light Light
Medium Heavy
Extra Heavy Special Heavy Super Heavy Max. Heavy
         3 TheraBandTM Patient Band in Zipper Bag
A single 2.5m band in a convenient zippered carrying case. 091546076   Yellow 2.5m
091546084   Red 2.5m
091546092   Green 2.5m
091546100   Blue 2.5m
091546118   Black 2.5m
4 TheraBandTM Starter Dispenser Packs 1.5m 15 pack
15 individually wrapped 1.5 metre latex bands in a single colour. Each band includes an insert with link to 17 commonly used exercises for the foot, ankle, hip, neck, shoulder and back. Includes multi-lingual instructional insert.
7500010 Yellow
7500011 Red
7500012 Green
7500013 Blue
7500014 Black
Resistance Level
Medium Heavy
Extra Heavy Special Heavy
   5 TheraBandTM Exercise Sets – Light
Attractively retail packaged – these packs are ideal for home dispensing where patient progression through rehab is prescribed. Each band is 1.5m long. A beginner pack includes
Yellow, Red, Green.
6 AOSafety Lexa Eyewear – Metallic Slate Frames with Clear Lens Not Illustrated
The AOSafety Lexa Eyewear has a revolutionary lens design that closely follows facial contours. The sleek design is totally unobtrusive and virtually invisible to wearers. There are no distracting side shields to reduce peripheral vision. The eyewear has three lens angles and four adjustable temple lengths. Easy- Change lens for different tasks, environments and moods DX Coating resists fogging, scratching, static and chemical attack Medium - fits most faces.
17770M NEW
Safety precautions to prevent accidental injuries.
Improper or careless use of resistance exercise bands and resistance exercise tubing might result in serious injury. Cuts or nicks induced in the material through careless handling, storage, or cleaning might cause the products
to break suddenly during exercise, we recommend that protective eyewear
is worn. Suitable protective eyewear is available from Performance Health. If you choose not to wear protective eyewear please inform your healthcare professional or appropriate person.
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