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                 TheraBandTM Resistance Exercise Band Accessories
       1 TheraBandTM Stretch Strap
The TheraBandTM Stretch Strap is a revolutionary replacement to static stretching devices
The elastic design supports classic static stretches, while encouraging effective dynamic movement and introduces more effective dynamic stretches.
Accessories – Add Even More Versatility to
Bands and Tubing
Accessories are the perfect complement to any band or tubing that goes home with a patient. Accessories empower patients to use Elastic Resistance products correctly and safely.
For example, the Door Anchor can help you turn a patient’s door into a sturdy rehab station. When anchoring bands, tubing, and loops, users have an easy option – no knot tying, no shutting the door gently to prevent nicks, no guesswork whatsoever. Instead, they connect their exercise tool to the Door Anchor, which conveniently and securely attaches to any point along the doorframe as the exercise requires.
Other Elastic Resistance Accessories – Exercise Handles, AssistTM Strap – further empower you to convert your patients’ homes into highly functional elastic resistance experiences. Consider them your secret weapon to unlock the full potential of Elastic Resistance products.
2 TheraBandTM Door Anchor
Used to secure bands or tubing for upper and lower body workouts. Can be secured at any point along the frame of a standard door, offering versatile anchoring options. 091338102
3 TheraBandTM Exercise Handles (Pair) Provide an easy, secure grip for bands or tubing. 091338094
4 TheraBand AssistTM Strap
Increases the range of exercises that can be performed with bands and tubing. One end loops around an extremity, while the band / tubing is attached to the other end. This allows users with poor grip strength, like victims of arthritis, to use bands and tubing in training and rehab programs.
5 TheraBandTM Resistance Band & Tubing Instruction Manual Volume 4
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