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  1 AIREX® Balance-pad Elite
The Balance-pad Elite is designed to help co-ordinate and improve body movements and balance skills. The new waffle pattern on the top and underside of the pad, makes it non-slip. It also provides a pleasant massage and stimulation to the receptors in the soles of the feet. It actively promotes blood circulation in the feet which helps their well being. The pad can be used on both sides which increases its life. In water it can be used as a buoyancy aid and swimming float.
Length Width Thickness Colour Weight
50cm 41cm 6cm Blue 0.7kg
2 AIREX® Balance-beam
The Balance-beam has multifunctional therapy applications. Warm and comfortable to touch, the balance beam provides a base for an individual to work toe-to-toe improving lower and upper body stabilisation and co- ordination. Easy to clean, impervious to water, with a sanitised anti-bacterial finish.
Length Width Thickness Colour Weight
160cm 24cm 6cm Blue 0.9kg
Indoor Outdoor
Indoor Outdoor Water
3 Activity Disc
Wobble cushions have become very popular for posture education work and as an alternative to wobble boards; they are much safer and easier to store. The cushion is fitted with nodules for foot massage and sensory work, on one side only. This also gives extra grip to the cushion when used for posture work. Pump included.
Diameter Colour Weight
091216159 33cm/13" Blue 1kg 4 Disc ‘O’ Sit Air Cushion
The Disc‘O’Sit Air Cushion is an inflatable dynamic cushion.
It can be used on the floor for balance training, proprioception and strengthening of the lower extremities. When used in a seat, it mimics both the movement and shape of a ball. Can be inflated orally. Diameter 38cm.
Diameter Colour
091125277 38cm/15" Turquoise
group training, and schools.
Balance training, mobility training, standing stability training,
motor-skill training to maintain balance.
Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, neurology, elderly, orthopaedics,
Visit for exercise techniques.
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