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                   General Overview of Rolyan® Product Features
  Minimum Resistance To Stretch
Highly comfortable, excellent drapability, stretches easily, minimal handling required
 Rolyan® PolyformTM
• ThemostconformableofallRolyan®’ssplintingmaterials
• Natural drape provides an intimate fit for increased patient comfort and minimal handling
• Good contour leads to reduced pressure areas and reduced splint migration
• Excellent rigidity and strength when set
• Edges finish well
• Coated, allowing temporary bonds
  1.6 mm Solid White Coated 3.2 mm 1% Perf Beige Blue
Rolyan® AquaplastTM ProDrapeTM-T
• Drapes easily for minimal handling and conforms well to contours for an intimate fit
• Smooth motions achieve best results
• 100% memory allows repeated reheating and economical splint revisions
• Transparent when heated, allowing identification of pressure points and of landmarks for positioning to provide maximum comfort (white only)
• Coated, allowing temporary bonds
2.4mm 13% Coated 3.2mm UltraPerf
19% OptiPerf
White Red Electric Blue Charcoal
AquaplastTM ProDrapeTM-T
       Rolyan® CuraDrapeTM
• Excellent drapability, conforming well to contours providing an intimate fit
• Requires minimal handling
• Minimum to moderate stretch
• Ideal for conditions that cannot tolerate firm
handling or require a lightweight material
  1.6 mm Solid
Coated 2.4 mm 1% Perf White
      3.2 mm
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