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                 GelSmart Appliances
 Offering new Smart Gel formulas and products in five different formulations, Gel Smart are consistently ahead of the competition. Made from medical grade visco-elastic compounds and are non-allergenic and dermatologist tested. All products are washable for reuse on a single user and can be trimmed to size.
1 M-Gel Achilles/Dorsum Protection Sleeve
Protection for both top of the foot and Achilles tendon by reducing pressure, shear forces and friction from shoes. 091536671 Small/Medium
091536689 Large/Extra Large
2 M-Gel Body Pads
Soft formulation for anywhere on the body to offload pressure and absorb shock or shear forces.
091536614 Disc 10cm Adhesive
091536622 Disc 10cm
091345834 Square 10cm 091345842 Square 10cm Adhesive
3 M-Gel ExerFeetTM Toe Stretcher
Flexible, soft gel infused with 7 botanical oils to soothe skin between toes. Provides healthy stretch to toes for relaxing therapy. Straightens and realigns toes to restore flexibility and circulation. May alleviate bunions & metatarsalgia. 091536945
4 Gelsmart Toe Spreader with Loop
• Helps reduce friction/irritation and helps provide relief on the bunion joint
• Flexible gel toe loop maintains the toe spreader in position
• Anatomically molded to fit comfortably between the toes
• Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic 091514249 Medium (Each)
091514256 Large (Each)
5 Gelsmart M Gel Pressure Sensitive Dots
M-Gel DotsGelSmartTM M-Gel Dots may be used to reduce abrasion, friction and pressure in either a splint, cast, brace liner or footware.
Gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil (USP) which softens and moisturises skin. Moisturises skin on contact.
Absorbs pressure and friction. Washable and reusable. 091345859 15/25˝ 4mm 3pk
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