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                 Bathing Accessories
     1 Homecraft Long Handled Net Sponge
This long handled net body washer is a luxurious alternative to
a brush or sponge. The scrunched-up net encourages the soap to lather, providing a more enjoyable wash. The curved handle allows difficult areas to be washed, especially for those with restricted reach. The handle has a loop to enable it to be hung up in the bath or shower. Length 380mm (15˝). Weight 80g. 091077676
2 Homecraft Long Handled Bath Brush
A light, evenly balanced brush, designed to reach back and legs more effectively. The soft bristles ensure that skin is cleaned without scratching. The handle is shaped to enable it to be gripped gently without extra pressure being required. A hanging loop is included so that the brush can be hung up to dry.
Length 380mm (15˝). Weight 150g.
3 Body Brush
This massaging brush has smooth bristles on either side that adapt to the body’s contours. The long handle enables the user to reach difficult body parts such as their back or shoulders.
Can be used either wet or dry. Length 430mm (17˝). Weight 214g. 091077684
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