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                 Bariatric Commodes
1 Extra Wide Bedside Commode
It is often a problem for bariatric users to be seated comfortably. The Bedside Commode has been designed with a number of features that help provide a comfortable seat. Available in two seat widths, 610mm (24˝) and 710mm (28˝). Backrest can be adjusted +/- 60mm (21⁄4˝) and has curved tubing to ensure comfort for any body shape. Height adjustable from 420 to 550mm (161⁄2 to 211⁄2˝). Having the right height for the user ensures success in getting in and out of the chair. Butterfly armrests mean the body doesn’t get squeezed getting in to and out of the chair and provide a good grip for sitting and getting up. Easy to clean with the ‘no tools required’ removable seat pad. High-tech, lightweight tubing to provide the highest strength at the lowest weight. Commode includes a pan as standard. Seat depth 400 to 520mm (153⁄4 to 201⁄2˝). Seat height 440 to 590mm (171⁄4 to 231⁄4˝). Overall width 730mm (283⁄4˝) and 830mm (321⁄2˝). Distance from floor to seat underside 330-480mm (13-19˝). Distance from floor to bucket underside 210-360mm (81⁄4-141/5˝).
Seat Width Weight
091202670 610mm (24˝) 14kg 091202688 710mm (28˝) 15kg
  Maximum 325 51
 user weight
kg st
 2 Bariatric Mobile Commode
Modern and attractive, this commode is robust and wide enough to suit a bariatric user with comfort and ease. The design enables the chair to be used as a commode, shower chair or over the toilet. The seat and back are manufactured from polyurethane for a soft feel and easy to clean solution. The shape of the reinforced back frame allows the chair to fit flush over the toilet cistern. The height adjustable pram handles ensure that the carer is pushing the patient at the correct position. The armrests can be swung away or removed for side transfers. The footplates clip-on and swing away but are not height adjustable. The oval pan with handle can be inserted to the front or rear of the frame, which allows the frame to be positioned against a wall and still remain in use. All four, 125mm (5˝) swivel castors are lockable.
Weight 31kg.
Technical Specification:
• Seat height 585mm (23˝)
• Back height 390mm (151/2˝)
• Seat width 640mm (251/4˝)
• Width between armrests 550mm (213/4˝)
• Seat depth 470mm (181/2˝)
• Seat clearance 465mm (181/4˝)
• Orifice width 270mm (103⁄4˝)
• Orifice depth 410mm 161⁄4˝)
• Overall depth including foot plates 980mm (381⁄2˝) • Overall height 1075mm (421/3˝)
   Maximum 254 40
  user weight
kg st
These products are designed for bariatric users
Spares are available for this product, for details and full spares listing please see pages 769 – 772.
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