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                 Cot Sides & Bed Rails
   1 Parnell Premier Cot Side Rail
The Parnell Premier Cot Side Rail has been designed for use with all domestic beds including adjustable beds. Tested by the University of Newcastle to BS EN60601-2-52:2010, the Parnell Premier Cot Side Rail helps to prevent patients from falling out of bed. Easy to assemble and fit with no tools, ties or straps required. The front footplates are flat so there is no tripping hazard or obstacle to wheelchairs or walking frames. Able to withstand a force/pull of 50kg in any horizontal direction when attached to the bed. Can be used with single, double or king size beds. Overall length 1220mm (48˝). Overall height 870mm (341/4˝). The inner bars have a distance of 80mm (31/4˝). Minimum clearance required 30mm (11/4˝). Maximum clearance of 318mm (121/2˝).
  Maximum 114 173/4
user weight
kg st
 2 Homecraft Castle Adjustable Cot Sides
The Castle cot sides fit between the mattress and the bed base. Adjustable in width for single or double beds and also in length. They can be adjusted in height, using a pin clip system. The cot side is dropped down by a simple push button release and raised up with a click, lock action. The whole side can be removed
easily to give quick access for making the bed. Bed width 840 to 1370mm (33 to 54˝). Side rail length 1266 to 1866mm (50 to 74˝). Height of top rail over bed base 366 to 591mm (141/2 to 23˝). Side drop on release 250mm (10˝).
091089309 One Side 9.1kg 091089325 Two Sides 14.4kg
3 Homecraft Night Rail
This rail is secured by means of two long arms that slip under the
mattress. It can be easily removed and disassembled into three
pieces for storage. The clip-on nylon cords must be secured
around the legs of the bed for safety. Height above base 360mm
(141/4˝). Width of mattress arms 610mm (24˝). Length of side rail 3 935mm (37˝). Weight 2.3kg.
4 Side Wedges
These side wedges help to prevent a patient from falling out of bed and are especially suitable in situations where restraint is an issue. A cotton draw sheet is held in place by straps that have quick release buckles. The wipe clean wedges are secured into position onto the draw sheet with two hook and loop strips.
Size of wedges 900×200×200mm (351/2×8×8˝). 091089671 Side Wedges and Draw Sheet Kit
5 Days Buffer Pads for Home Bed Rails
Features & benefits
• Polycore pads that fit the length of the bed rails • Makes a barrier between user and bed rails
• Machine washable
• Suitable for use with 8, 8L or 8M Home Bed Rails • Tested to BS 7175:1989
• User comfort
• Helps to prevent injury • Hygienic
• Safe
  183cm (72˝)
  43cm (17˝)
 UK Medical Customers Tel: 03448 730 035 UK Trade Customers Tel: 03444 124 330 International Customers Tel: +44 1623 448 706
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