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                 Cutlery Aids
1 Thick Plastazote Foam Tubing
Closed cell foam tubing, available in various sizes to provide
a built up handle for easier gripping e.g. cutlery, pens etc.
It is non-absorbent, non-sticky, washable and dishwasher safe. Supplied in one metre (39˝) lengths, it may be cut to size. Exact lengths may vary plus or minus 50mm.
External Diameter 31mm (11/4˝).
Int. dia. Weight
091101963 White
091101971 Grey
091101989 White
091101997 Grey
091102003 White
091102011 Grey
External Diameter 19mm (3/4˝) 091101955 White 6mm 30g
6mm 55g 6mm 55g 9mm 60g 9mm 60g 12mm 65g 12mm 65g
   2 Closed Cell Foam Tubing
Used for building up tool and utensil handles to give greater control to people who lack co-ordination, strength or gripping ability. Tubing has a slip resistant outer layer and is dishwasher safe. The tubing is 300mm (12˝) long and can be cut to the required length. Comes in packs of six. An assortment (two
of each) is available for adults and children. The paediatric assortment comes in bright colours (Yellow, Orange and Blue). This is also suitable for the visually impaired.
081169713 Tan
081169721 Red
081169739 Blue
Inner diameter 6mm (1/4˝) Outer diameter 22mm (7/8˝) Inner diameter 10mm (3/8˝) Outer diameter 28mm (11/8˝) Inner diameter 16mm (5/8˝) Outer diameter 28mm (11/8˝)
091102037 Adult Assortment - 2 of each
091102029 Paediatric Assortment - 2 of each 3 ElastackTM Tapes
ElastackTM material is so soft, it seals out air on contact to form
a suction bond. Adherence releases easily and is never sticky, making ElastackTM tapes ideal to prevent sliding and enhance grips. The ultra soft grade is the most adherent, transparent, and softest, but is not intended for use above room temperature. Medium grade is firmer, translucent, and durable at elevated temperature (dishwasher safe to 220°F/104°C).
Tape is 20mm (4/5˝) wide and 3.6m (12´) long. Latex free. 081204965 Ultra Soft Tape
081202118 Medium Soft Tape
This product is suitable for use in a dishwasher.
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