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                 Padding Materials
 SiliposTM Range
The Silipos gel sheeting products are ideal for the relief of pressure and friction and can be applied to splinting materials or used to line braces, prosthetics, orthotics and sports related padding. The pressure relief padding is also recommended for providing extra cushioning for wheelchairs and is perfect for use with lightweight padding.
1 Pressure Relief PaddingTM
The 2mm thick gel padding has a 2-way stretch top cover and adhesive backing to securely position in custom made devices. Used to reduce shock and vibration, the Pressure Relief Padding can be used as a replacement for moleskin or orthopaedic felt in total contact casts. 1 roll per pack.
091126259 10×91cm 091126267 20×91cm
2 Gel Dots
3mm thick by 3cm diameter gel dots with self-adhesive backing impregnated with mineral oil. Used to reduce pressure and friction over specific areas. 15 dots per sheet.
3 Gel SquaresTM
3mm thick squares of Silipos polymer gel available with or without self-adhesive backing. Contains mineral oils to moisturise dry skin. Can be cut to desired size. 2 pieces per pack.
091261304 Self Adhesive 10×10cm
091261338 Non-Adhesive 10×10cm 4 Carpal Gel Sleeve
A gel pad moulded to a sleeve designed to cover carpal tunnel scars and contour with the palm. Insulates against shock and vibration. Can be worn directly over sutures, in splints and gloves. Pack of 1.
 091130822 Left 091130830 Right 091130848 Left 091130855 Right
5 Gel Pads
Small Small Large Large
Same as the pad in the carpal gel sleeve but with self-adhesive backing. Can be added to splints and braces.
091130863 5×15.24cm - 3 Pads per Pack
6 Rolyan® Gel Shell Pads
Use to cushion, protect and help disperse pressure over injuries and bony prominences. Softens and desensitises hypertrophic and surgical scarring. Can be used to customise splints and orthotic devices. Self-adhesive backing and hand washable with soap and water. Not suitable for application to skin or over open wounds. 081296474 11×23cm - Sheet
7 Elasto-GelTM Cast and Splint Pads
Soft, protective, absorbent hydrogel that provides excellent protection against pressure, friction and skin maceration.
Each gel pad is covered with a four way stretch fabric that allows the pad to conform intimately to the skin, reducing splint migration and discomfort. Adheres gently but firmly to dry skin. Sterile. Individual pads are 3.2mm thick.
081294776 10×10cm - Box of 25 081294784 15×20cm - Box of 5
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