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                 Bed Assists
      1 Homecraft Rope Ladder Bed Hoist
A simple idea to assist with sitting up in bed. The bottom ends of the cords tie around the bed legs, and the plastic ladder rungs enable the user to pull themselves up with a hand over hand movement. Suitable for single or double beds. Rung length 200mm (8˝). Diameter 25mm (1˝).
Cord length 3 metres (118˝). Weight 285g.
  Maximum 114 18
 user weight
kg st
 2 Days Patient Helper
This free standing Patient Helper is placed under the bed base
to give a stable overhead support pole for those who find it difficult to rise out of bed. Designed for raising a person to a sitting position, not lifting the entire weight of the person off the bed. The moulded plastic handgrip can be adjusted in height 950 to 1310mm (37 1/2 to 511⁄2˝). Disassembles into three pieces for ease of storage and transportation. Minimum required clearance 45mm (13⁄4˝). Overall height 1910mm (75˝). Overall width 800mm (311⁄2˝). Overall depth 610mm (24˝).
Maximum load weight
3 Bed Blocks
A pair of lightweight patient hand blocks made from plastic with comfortable angled hand-grips. The high-density foam bases prevent them from slipping on smooth bed covers or causing injury to frail skin on the sides of legs whilst moving. Can be cleaned with a soft brush and detergent in hot water to 75°. Length 215mm (81⁄2˝). Width 110mm (41⁄4˝). Height 80mm (3˝). Weight 610g (Pair).
4 Swinging Support
Wall mounted support rail assists in horizontal transfers.
The support can be set at any of six angles, using a pull
chain lock. Strap length adjusts and can also be used in any of four positions along the arm of the support. Length 838mm (33˝). Weight 4.7kg.
Maximum load weight
         125 kg
191/2 st
               150 kg
231/2 st
These products are supplied in retail packaging.
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