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Weight Racks
Exercise Strength
Wall-Mounted Dumbbell Rack. Economical, space- saving dumbbell
rack attaches easily to any wall. Black powder-coated metal wire rack holds
1 lb.–10 lb. vinyl- coated dumbbells. Wall mounting hard- ware not included. Dimensions are 531/2” x 10” x 31/2”. Weights not included. 5151
Plate Rack. Durable rack holds up to 300 lbs. of 1” weight plates. 567969
Olympic Rack. Holds up to 300 lbs. of 2” weight plates.
Heavy Duty Two-Shelf Rack. 300-lb. capacity of 20 or more large dumbbells. Each shelf is 4” wide. 36”W x 12”L x 24”H. Grey powder-coated finish and adjustable shelves from 3”–5” to accom- modate a variety of dumbbells.
Dumbbell Tower Rack. Stable A-frame design holds up to 20 small dumbbells. Each hook is 2.5” wide. The welded steel construction allows for 150-lb. weight capacity. 31”W x 24”L x 47”H. Dumbbells sold separately.
Dumbbell Wall Strips. Heavy-duty construction has a Formica® covering for durability, uniform appearance and easy cleaning. Holds up to 11 dumbbells. 11/2”D x 3”W x 49”W. Dumbbells sold separately. 929278 Dumbbell Wall Strip, Gray
Dumbbell Rack. Three-tier steel rack holds dumbbells 10 lbs. and lighter. Measures 12”L x 36”W x 22”H. Shelves are 4” wide. Some assembly required. Weights sold separately.
Kettlebell Rack. Three shelves hold up to 20 smaller kettlebells. 34”W x 15”D x 21”H. 250-lb. weight capacity. Assembly required. Weights sold separately. 561357
929279 Dumbbell Wall Strip, Oak
Exercise Strength

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