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Bags Wheelchair
Keeps small items within easy reach
Sammons Preston® Wheelchair Cargo Shelf. Provides convenient shelf under wheel- chair. Attaches easily with 4 sets of hook
& loop straps. Small, front zippered pocket. Mesh netting with pocket backstop. Attaches to rigid or folding wheelchairs. 15”W x 16”D, with straps, extends to 23”W. Fits 14”W to 20”W wheelchairs. Latex free.
Sammons Preston® Armrest Pocket.
Compact nylon pocket attaches under stan- dard or desk length wheelchair armrests. Oblong pocket is kept open by semi-rigid inserts on bottom and sides. Compact
9”L x 31/2”W x 3”D. Can also be used on forearm type crutches, walkers, or canes. Latex free.
Sammons Preston® Side Pouch for Wheelchairs. Black vinyl, self-lined 12”W x 61/2”H pouch. Has full-length top zipper and divided pockets on either side of bag. Latex free.
Sammons Preston® Wheelchair Pouch.
Soft-sided cordura nylon is waterproof and stain-resistant. Cover flap closes with hook & loop fasteners and tucks out of the way inside the main pocket. Attach to chair with convenient loops. Machine wash. 14”W x 12”H x 3”W. Latex free.
Fleece Armrests with Pouch. Easily attaches to wheelchair arms with hook & loop adjustment. Fleece covering adds exceptional comfort. Features a large storage compartment for added convenience. Durable navy denim fabric. Machine washable. 10” x 9” with
a 41/2” pocket.
Sammons Preston® Combo Walker/ Wheelchair Bag. Spacious blue denim bag with four easily acces- sible pockets. Quickly attaches with straps to
fit snugly on wheelchair arm or walker front bar. 13”W x 91/2”H. Latex free. 6434 Navy Blue
Sammons Preston® Under Arm Organizer. Spacious and secure organiza- tion solution for all of your belongings. Magnetic closure and large pockets provide easy accessibility. Soft nylon material is gentle on skin. 10.25” x 8.5” x 4”. 562352

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