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Elite Care Cliner, Dual Swing Arm
Drop Arm Care Cliner
Designer Care Cliner
Item #, CA117 Upholstery
Std 562523 + Upholstery Number
Std 926753 + Upholstery Letter
566873 + Upholstery Letter
XL 566730 + Upholstery Number
XL 552838 + Upholstery Letter
Item #, TB133* Upholstery
Std 562524 + Upholstery Number
Std 926754 + Upholstery Letter
566874 + Upholstery Letter
XL 566731 + Upholstery Number
XL 553080 + Upholstery Letter
Chair Features
Simpli es patient transfers and cleaning. Easy foot-accessible release for swing-out arms. Two non-porous, blow molded side trays easily fold down and contain spills.
Elastic seat base and back supports help eliminate pressure points for increased comfort. Arm easily drops  ush with seat
to simplify patient transfers. Trendelenberg release handle is quickly operated from either side of the chair.
Contemporary, stylish new look with proven comfort. Elastic support structure in seat base and back help elimi- nate pressure points. Urethane arms are durable, protect walls and upholstery plus they’re easy to clean.
5” high-impact nylon. 3 total lock, left rear directional
5” high-impact nylon. 3 total lock, left rear directional
3” nylon. 3 total lock, left rear directional
350-lbs XL 450-lbs
350-lbs XL 450-lbs
Chair Weight
105-lbs XL 111-lbs
105-lbs XL 111-lbs
Seat 21”H x 20”D. Seat/back 22”W,
XL 25”W. Back 32.5”H. Overall 48.5”H x 33.5”W, XL 37.5”W
Seat 21”H x 20”D. Seat/Back 21”W,
XL 25”. Back 31.5”H. Overall 49”H x 34”W, XL 38”W
Seat 20.5”H x 19.5”D. Seat/back 22”W.
Back 29.5”H.
Overall 47”H x 32”W.
Inverness Speci cations:
Seat to Floor Seat Width Overall Height Overall Width Back Height Seat Depth Weight Capacity
26” (between arms) 52”
34.5” x 41.5” (upright) 34.5” x 75.5” (reclined)
When ordering, please add the letter or number code for your upholstery color choice to the end of the item number
(please refer to page 1099 for colors).
Winco Clinical Recliners. Featuring Elite Care Cliners, Drop Arm Care Cliner and Designer Care Cliner. All have true Trendelenburg functionality that’s accessible from either side. The unique seating surface construction results in utility and true comfort. Full coverage, one-way stretch elastic banding support system conforms to each patient yet never bottoms out, to prevent pressure points. Specific applications such as oncology and dialysis benefit from the dual swing-out arms, drop arms. And everyone can appreciate the new upscale, non-institutional look of the Designer Care Cliner.
Inverness Treatment Recliner.
The result of thousands of documented hours of feedback and refinements,
the Inverness delivers an ideal blend of daytime luxury, overnight comfort and utility, making it a valuable tool for easily expanding nocturnal capacity to existing clinics. Superbly crafted and designed for round-the-clock treatment, it features a patent pending suite of intuitive, practical innovations including ultra-low-effort, bilateral controls to promote patient independence, as well as front-locking brake tabs and ideal-level side table heights to reduce clinician back strain. Both arms swing out 180° for barrier-free patient transfer and deployment of Trendelenburg function even when fully open. Other features include a generous seat width, padded, naturally curved armrests, strategically located lumbar support
and durable, easy-clean construction for enhanced efficiency.
500-lb. weight capacity. 081689538
*Required in CA, IL, MA and MN
Contoured Headrest. Removable headrest helps keep client’s head cradled in the center. Latex free.
926806 + Upholstery Letter for Caremor Cliner
Body Supports. Aids with positioning and provides lateral support. Latex free.
926807 + Upholstery Letter for Caremor Cliner and Drop Arm 3 Positioner Recliner 1098
Contoured Headrest Body Supports

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