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Walker Accessories
Drive® Glide Skis.
Stylish tennis-shoe glides instantly personalize a walker. Allows walker to glide easily and smoothly over most surfaces. Easy, tool-free installation. Replaces rubber tip.
Drive® Tennis Ball
Glides. Provides
a quiet, smooth
and durable glide
experience when
used with a walker. Easy and safe to install. Lasts longer than a plastic glide cap. Fits 1” diameter tubing. Sold in pairs.
Walker Glides.
Recommended for use on the back of a wheeled walker, 1” diameter
tubing. The glide brakes have a nylon tip. When weight is applied to the hand grips, the brakes are activated. Sold in pairs.
Days® Walker Glide Caps.
Designed to be used on the rubber tips of the footpiece to facilitate maneuvering of walker on indoor floors and smooth outdoor surfaces. Package of 4.
Court-Side GlidesTM.
A specially designed housing allows the ball to rotate so it lasts longer. Spring-loaded brakes add security while lock-out clips lead to pure gliding. The tennis balls pop in and out for quick, effortless replacement. Weight capacity 300-lbs.
Walker Balls. Easy to install, ready to use. Pre-cut to fit most walkers. Designed to glide smoothly across most surfaces while protecting floors from scuff marks. One pair per package.
565496 Gray 565497 Red 565498 Patriotic
926948 Glide Button Brakes 562005 Mushroom Glides
081502368 TennisBallGlides 081502376 ReplacementGlidePads
EasyGliderTM Walker
Glides. Easily fits over
industry-standard walker tips 11/8”. Requires no tools to install and is easily removed if conditions warrant standard tips. Bright fluorescent color increases visibility.
3” diameter tips come in a set of two.
Walker Glides. Lightweight, high-density plastic skis that permit mobility over obstacles such as uneven sidewalks. Easy assembly with a #2 Phillips screwdriver. Not to be used on icy or slippery surfaces. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
Walker Skis. Used on the back legs of any wheeled walker. Durable nylon glides move without drag or friction. Fits most walkers. Measurement is inside walker diameter. Sold in pairs.
A700224 7/8”-1”Diameter
Replacement Pad
1” Diameter
Tubing not included
Tennis Ball Glides. Securely attaches
the tennis ball onto the walker leg. The stabilizer also protects the tennis ball from the sharp edges of the walker leg, extending the life of the glide. Works on any standard walker with 1” tubing. Latex free. Glides and replacement balls sold in pairs.
552885 Tennis Ball Glides
552004 Replacement Tennis Balls
081603976 Tennis Ball Glides (Case of 12)
081603984 Replacement Tennis Balls (Case of 12)

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