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Scoop Dishes Dining
Polyester Scoop Dish & Scooper Bowl. 73⁄4” round scoop dish of heavy-duty melamine. Nonskid feet on bottom provide stability. 51⁄2” x 61⁄2” bowl with contoured lip allows food to be trapped and easily pushed onto cutlery. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. Not recommended for microwave. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
1545 White Scoop Dish 1390 White Scooper Bowl 081601244 5 Pack of 1390
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Hi-Lo Scoop Plate. 11⁄2” vertical wall guides food onto utensils. Lightweight, polypropylene 9” plate has a nonskid rubber-coated base to prevent sliding. Entry wall is 1⁄2” high and steadily increases upward with 3⁄4” rim for easy handling. Top rack dishwasher safe. White. Latex free. 1540
Pack of 20
Ergo Plate.
A sloped base design with high sides and wide rim. The sides and
rim can be used to push food onto the fork or spoon and prevent spillage. The base forces liquids and small particle foods to collect in one spot making it easier to scoop up. Made from durable polycarbonate
with a textured surface; plates are scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable. 93⁄4” di- ameter. White. Dishwasher safe. 081565118
Easy Cut Plate. Round scoop dish has 9” diameter and 11⁄2” center depth. Stainless steel pins hold food in place for cutting. Ideal for meat, potatoes or large vegetables so they can be easily cut with one
Round Scoop Dish. Molded low in front and high in back. 8” round scoop dish has a nonskid rubber-padded bottom for con- trol when scooping. Top rack dishwasher safe. Not recommended for microwave. Latex free.
1546 Yellow 154601  Ivory 555597  Red 560008  Blue
Oval Scoop Dish. Oval-shaped dish with sloping front and vertical back makes scooping food easier for the one-handed user. Molded of melamine. Nonskid bottom provides stability. White. Dishwasher safe up to 180°F. Not recommended for micro- wave. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free. 1428 Small 81⁄2”
1435 Large 11”
Yellow, Package of 5 Ivory, Package of 5
Helps keep food in place so it’s easier to cut
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hand. Sturdy, attractive white polyester with light gray fleck. Non- slide bottom ensures stability. Not for use
in microwaves. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free. 920719
Stainless steel pins stabilize food
Round Scoop Dish. 9” round scoop dish of extra-thick white melamine. Heavy-duty reinforced rim and base withstands institutional usage. The grooved lip can be used for resting an eating utensil, or as a location notch. Nonskid bottom provides stability. Center depth 11⁄2”. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. Not recommended for micro- wave. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free. 1544

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