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For 6”–71⁄2” Plates For 81⁄2”–10” Plates
For 81/2”–10” Plates, Package of 25 Pink for 81⁄2”–10” plates
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InvisibleTM Food Guard. Sturdy plastic ring is formed to snap onto plate. 11⁄4” high, crystal clear plastic is easy to keep clean. Dishwasher safe to 125°F. Latex and Phthalates free.
Save $ money when you purchase 25!
Save $ money when you purchase 5!
Food Guards
Only available in translucent
Translucent Food Bumper. Prevents spills
and is easy to attach. Ideal for people who want to use conventional tableware, but have difficulty getting food onto utensils. Also practical for those who tend to push food off the
plate because of a lack of coordination. Sanitary food bumpers clip onto circular dinner plates and provide walls where food may be pushed onto utensils. Fits plates with diameters 9”–11”. Dishwasher and autoclave safe.
Stainless-Steel Food Guard. Stainless steel with electronic welding for maximum cleanliness and durability. 3 spring-action clips hold the 11⁄4” high guard in place. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
Clip-On Food Guard. Three hooks securely attach guard to plates 9”–10” in diameter. 11⁄4” high guard curves slightly to aid scooping and keep food on plate. Sturdy, attractive white plastic with light gray specks. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. BPA, Phthalates and
Latex free.
1119 Clip-On Food Guard 111905 Package of 5
Plastic Plate Guard.
Lightweight, versatile plate guard quickly at- taches to any standard dinner plate. Measuring 9”–11” in diameter and 11⁄8”H. Easy-to-clean poly- ethylene. Dishwasher safe to 180°F. Latex free. AA5662
For 6”–8” Plates For 9”–11” Plates
For 9”–11” Plates, Package of 25
Plastic Food Guard. Molded 1” high guard clips onto plates 91⁄2”–10” in diameter. Hook portion is molded right into the unit with no seams
or joints. Smooth plastic is dishwasher safe to 125°F. Lightweight and easy to use. Phthalates and Latex free. 1476 Red
1477 Blue 1478  White

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