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PerformaTM Treatment Tables  Treatment Furniture
Specialized design for specialized treatment Exclusively from Performance Health
The patient legrest can be placed on either side of the table
PerformaTM Pelvic Health Treatment Table. Designed to increase patient comfort and improve ergonomics for therapists during pelvic examinations and treatment. The unique side
legrest helps stabilize the patient, and is adjustable to facilitate hip rotation. Side cutouts allow the clinician to get close to the patient without straining to reach across the full width of the table. The powered center section lets the therapist easily position and reposition the patient during treatment. The Hi-Lo control is activated using a bar on each side of the table, so table height can be adjusted without interrupting treatment.
081676170 Optional Second Legrest
Specifications Capacity Table Top Head Section
Center Section Foot Section
400 lbs.
5-piece. Overall: 27”W x 72”L. 15” x 13”. Raises 25°. Lowers 45°. Contoured face/nose opening. Vertical 6” adjustments remain
on a plane with the center section. 19” x 27”. Motorized to raise 20°. 38” x 27”. Raises 75°. Dual gas spring supports.
The Power-Flex feature allows easy adjustment of the center section
PerformaTM Bariatric Bar-Activated Tables. Heavy-duty, steel tube Hi-Lo control allows adjustment of the table height while thera- pist keeps both hands on the patient and both feet on the floor. Simply press down on the bar and the table goes up; lift the bar up to make the table go down.
960348*     Bariatric Bar-Activated 2-Section Table
960350*     Bariatric Bar-Activated 3-Section Table
2-Section Table with Foot Switch, Imperial Blue
2-Section Table with Foot Switch, Black
3-Section Table with Foot Switch, Imperial Blue
3-Section Table with Foot Switch, Black
Specifications Capacity Power Warranty Body Section Center Section Dimensions Foot Section Head Section
500 lbs.
110 volts, 60Hz motor
18 months
2-Section Only: 34” x 49”
3-Section Only: 34” x 22”. Does not raise. 34”W x 76”L x 18”-37”H
3-Section Only: 34” x 39”. Raises 78°. Contoured face/nose opening. 2-Section: 34”
x 27”. +75°. 3-Section: 34” x 15”. +45°/-90°.
*See page 125 for Performa upholstery colors. Specify upholstery color at time of order by adding color initials to end of item number.
Treatment Furniture

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