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Drinking Aids & Straws Dining
Reusable Drinking Straws. These 18” long straws come in two varieties: flexible polyethylene and rigid Plexiglas®. The 1⁄8”- and 1⁄4”-diameter, rigid straws can be heated with a heat gun and reshaped as desired. The rigid, 1⁄4”-diameter straw is ideal for soups. The flexible polyethylene straw comes with a 3⁄16”-diameter hole. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
1130 Clear, Rigid 1⁄8” Hole, Pkg. of 10 1133 Flexible, 3⁄16” Hole, 18”L, Pkg. of 10 1136 Clear, Rigid 1⁄4” Hole, Pkg. of 5 081601459 Buy Pack of 10
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Sip-Tip Drinking Cup. The Sip-Tip valve helps straws stay full of fluid, reducing the amount
of air ingested and effort required. The one- way valve can be trimmed at designated areas, giving the user selective flow restriction. Valve and lid are compatible with most brands of disposable flex straws. 8 oz. spill-resistant tum- bler has a graduated scale to monitor intake. Not recommended for carbonated beverages. Optional mouthpiece ensures proper placement, assists with lip closure and can be shortened
One-way Valve
Straw Holder. For people who are unable to hold or drink from a glass, this clip-on device eliminates the need to hold the straw. Mounts onto the edge of any glass or cup to keep a drinking straw in position. Will accept any straw under 3⁄8” outside diameter. Bag of 6.
SafeStraw®. Reusable
straw holder is designed to
help dysphagia clients with
oral motor control of liquid
bolus and to prevent choking
or aspirating. It can be used
with any normal straw (not
included) and discreetly fits a
variety of drinking containers
such as cups and bottles. Each
suck delivers approximately one
teaspoon of liquid. The fluid
chamber, one-way valve, and float
limit the amount of liquid entering the straw. Once suck is stopped, float sinks to the bottom and is ready to deliver another teaspoonful. White SafeStraw holder is used with thin liquids. Blue SafeStraw holder is used for nectar-thickened fluids. Reusable with single client use. 12/Box. 081706977 White
081706985 Blue
081706993 Mixed White/Blue
10” Straws.
Designed with a
one-way valve
so liquid stays in
straw even if it is
moved from the
user’s lips. Suitable
for people who are
not able to suck
strongly. Prevents
air from being
sucked into user’s
stomach, which
can cause pain and discomfort. Straws clip easily onto glasses and cups and can be washed in normal washing solutions or sterilized with boiling water. Not dish- washer safe. Not suitable for thick fluids. 081565167 Pack of 5
to aid oral motor development. Microwave and dishwasher safe to 180°F. Straw is 73⁄4”L. BPA, Phthalates, and Latex free.
920691 Sip-Tip Drinking Cup With Lid & One-way Valve & 10 straws
920692 Package of 3 Replacement Lids
920693 Package of 3 Replacement Valves 557168 Optional Mouthpiece, Pkg. of 3
Drinking Straw Holder. Positions a straw at the correct angle – regardless of its size. Consists of a spring clamp which attaches to the edge of a glass and a stainless steel retainer that holds the straw in place. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
One-Way Straws. These straws simplify drinking for individuals who have problems generating and maintaining suction. The one-way design reduces the air ingested and the effort required for sucking, thus promoting independence while increasing hydration. This product is not recommended for use with carbonated beverages. 081566314 10 Pack

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