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Jaeco Feeders & Arm Supports
JAECO WREX Supports. The Wilmington Robotic EXoskeleton is a functional upper limb orthosis that enhances movement for individuals with neuromuscular disabilities. State- of-the-art construction uses a lightweight exoskeleton that approximates normal human anatomy. Linear elastic bands are used for balance and to assist movement in three dimen- sions against the effects of gravity. The WREX allows
exceptional range of motion desired in various thera- peutic and daily living activities.
Left Orthosis
Right Orthosis
Forearm Support, Medium Forearm Support, Large
Offset suspension feeder
Suspension Mobile Arm Support. Rotation occurs at side of arm at ball bearing joint, to be closer to center of gravity. The addition of our new Forearm Support Slide forearm balancing to be accomplished quickly and easily with minimal tools required. Universal left or right. Attachments, (below) Suspension Rod 7113 and Wheelchair Mounts.
Sizing: Measure distance from Olecranon Process to Ulnar Styloid minus 11⁄2” If measured distance is 1⁄2” longer, choose next larger size.
555815 8” Small
555816 9” Medium
555817 10” Large
Suspension Rod. Provides an attachment point for strap of Suspension MAS (555815, 555816, 555817) or Suspension Arm Sling 7115 (below). Rod is 30”H and 22”W. Note: Suspension Mounts (brackets) sold separately.
Suspension Mount (Bracket). For standard wheelchairs with 7⁄8” or 1” diameter tubular back posts.
712301 Right 7⁄8”
712303 Right 1”
712302 Left 7⁄8” 712304 Left 1”
Reclining Suspension Mount (Bracket). For wheelchairs with reclining backs. Allows up to 90° of recline. Fits 7⁄8” or 1” diameter tubular back posts.
712601 Right 7⁄8”
712603 Right 1”
Suspension Arm Sling. Valuable for early muscle re-education. Sling has an adjustable balance bar and spring for optimum function. Lined with soft leather. One size. Fits right or left arm. Used with Folding Arm Sling Frame 7112 or Suspension Rod 7113. Elbow and Wrist cuffs assembled with latex based glue.
Folding Arm Suspension Frame. Slips under wheelchair or standard chair to support both arms in a functional position when used with a Suspension MAS or Suspension Arm Sling (ordered separately). Adjusts from 52” to 76” in height, folds to a compact 8” and rolls easily on rubber wheels (wheels and floor tips con- tain latex). The folding arms extend 22”.

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